The Colors of Spring 2016

It was 19 degrees this morning. Highs for the long weekend ahead will be in the low-20’s. Yes it is cold, but it is February and […]

Fall Fashion to Love

Many girls will tell you that one of her favorite things about Fall are the clothes.  The turn of the season is a standard time to […]

The Art of Hospitality

My newsletter last week talked about socializing and how this is surprisingly, yet commonly, one of four items to drop off a person’s calendar. This fact […]

Time to Make Something Happen?

Sans the bonnet I’m looking a little like Martha, don’t you think?! One week before July 4th during their 125th anniversary year standing in front of […]

Making Time Count

It literally seems like yesterday that I was writing a New Year’s blog post and now June dawns, the 6th month and half-way marker of the […]

Ease the Pain of Packing

Many great things arrive with spring and one of the best is Spring Break travel. How fun it can be to visit a new place or […]