Think Clearly. Communicate Confidently.

Masterfully Influence Your Work and World.

You're a savvy business woman with lots of responsibility and a never-ending list of things to do. You desire to make an impact on your organization, team members, clients, and your family and make that impact without losing yourself.  


Do you see yourself here?

Your work life...

  • You spend most of your time fighting fires in the workplace, leaving little time for anything of deeper value
  • Your colleagues have an intensity or style that is off-putting at a minimum and counter-productive at best
  • You know you could create a stronger team but the internal systems don't support you.
  • In your leadership role you feel more exhausted than ever. How can you level out and still make the impact you want to?
  • You never thought having your own business would be this hard. "What’s next?” is always on your mind.
  • You were recently laid off, let go, or fired. Now what?

Your home life…

  • You’re getting far less sleep than you want and what you do get is not restful
  • Your calendar is a rainbow of colored events that leave no room for you to stop and breathe
  • You want to turn off technology but you can’t flip the switch because “something important will fall through the cracks,” again.
  • You’ve pinned vacation photos on Pinterest for 2 years but never booked the trip
  • Your brain is still at work even when your body is at home
Managing Your Emotions (which no one really wants to be told they need to learn how to do, yet most acknowledge they could improve in this area) is a key factor of business success. Your confidence, focus, and energy are major contributors to managing your emotions and they feed into each other - the more you can manage your emotions the greater your confidence, focus and energy. Think about it. It is a powerful concept, and one that will stay front and center of our work together. 

What would it be like to strategize your goals with an experienced coach? Going deeper and focusing with someone who understands where you are. Sure, you can talk to a friend or relative, or maybe your spouse. The reality is that they’ve all got their hands full and you'd like to have consistency with someone who is there to pull you forward, supporting you and keeping you on track.

As your mentor and coach, I will guide you to Think Clearly and Communicate Confidently, regardless of what is being thrown at you.  Using neuroscience, evidence-based coaching, and specific tools we will first identify and address your immediate needs, then continuing taking the necessary steps for you to feel greater peace, inspiration, and energy so you can focus on the impact you want to make today as well as in your future.