How to Spot Fake News

I recently attended an event at my local library entitled, “Escape Fake News.” I know from my conversations with clients, colleagues and friends that most everyone […]

Reduce Financial Stress By Practicing Intentional Shopping

Data shows that Americans are drowning in financial troubles. Credit card debt, registering in excess of $1T, is a record high per the Federal Reserve. Along […]

Two Ways to Make Thanksgiving More Fun

This week’s tip will arrive in your inbox days prior to Thanksgiving, which makes it a particularly good time to talk about the next two Executive […]

Foundational Advice via The Opioid Crisis

My recent tips have focused on the executive functions of our minds. This week, let’s make a slight detour to discuss the opioid crisis and then reconnect. […]

Executive Functions: Planning & Organization

We continue our review of the Executive Functions of our mind. Social scientists have named 8 executive functions and describe them as, “skills for life and learning.” […]

Flexible Thinking Part 2: Executive Functions

Via my recent weekly tips, we’ve been looking at the benefits of becoming a more Flexible Thinker. Why? Because being able to “think flexibly” is considered an […]

Finish 2018 + Start 2019 Strong

If you saw my note last week you know that I’ve launched my new website. Thanks to all who sent feedback. If you haven’t taken a look […]

Minimize the Drama of Decision-Making

For most of us there comes a time when we struggle to make a decision. Sometimes these are small decisions and sometimes they are big (and […]

Reflections: Velcro and Teflon

Here is a short and quick – but I hope impactful – tip for this week. Quick story: I was speaking with a colleague earlier this […]

Back to School

Children all over the nation are returning to school. If you are like me, you long to know they will: be safe be genuinely cherished by […]

Flexible Thinking

My last tip was inspired by my youngest family member beginning kindergarten. My question, “where do you need to suit up and show up?” resonated with many of […]

Smartphones and Addiction Pt. 2

I’ve appreciated my reader’s responses to our recent topic on Smartphones and Addiction which seemed to have struck a chord with many. Our consistent attachment to […]