You have worked your way to a Sr. Level position in your industry and your company.

You probably thought that at this point in your career life would be a little more settled, a little easier…

You are responsible for raising revenue or meeting defined targets and it seems the goal post keeps moving. You lead a team and as such you deal regularly with exhausting and maddening personnel issues. Turnover is one of the constants so you are always looking for the best possible new hire. If only the hiring practices of your organization weren’t so slow and tedious. Nothing happens in the time-frame you need it to.

You see opportunities to help your team members grow and develop but you are too busy fighting fires and responding to the needs of the day to get to that. You feel stressed and frustrated with the structures in your job that don't support you doing your best work.

You've hit a wall in the workplace because the demands for your time and attention never cease. You feel stuck...

You’re not alone, this “overwhelm wall” is all too common among my clients who work in leadership positions and for those who own businesses.


You have a lot of questions...

  • Is there something better for me out there? Are things different at other companies?

  • Can I find someone I trust to talk through my thoughts and ideas? I'd like someone to take on the role of a strategic partner, or guide my thinking to go to the next level.

  • Is it possible to better integrate (forget "balance") my work and personal life?

  • What would it be like to live in a place of emotional harmony?

  • What would it be like to have my own business? How in the world would I begin to make that happen?

While you must initiate the change, you don't have to work alone. Business leaders like you seek coaching for:

  • Strategy - Thinking through the big issues and determining your best possible course of action.

  • Management guidance - The days are full and there are more things to do than time allows. There is so much to be done with and for your team - how can you better motivate them to action, teach them to take risks and make decisions to move the business forward?

  • Decision making - For your short and long term future.

  • Communication - All around the organization, up and down the chain, and with your peers across the table. And don't forget about your family and friends!

  • Harmony - Finding new ways to integrate your work and private life.

  • Trust - Building your ability to trust yourself and others.

  • Emotional support - You feel tired and you question your value and the impact you are making.

As an executive coach for women business leaders I'm ready to help. Let’s get to know each other in a complimentary strategy call. 



Through our coaching you will learn how to…

Manage your emotions in the moment

Flip the switch from frantic to focused

Think clearly and communicate confidently

Trust your ability to handle any issue thrown your way


As your mentor and coach, I will guide you to Think Clearly and Communicate Confidently, regardless of what is being thrown at you. Using neuroscience, evidence-based coaching, and specific tools we will first identify and address your immediate needs, then continue taking the necessary steps for you to feel greater peace, inspiration, and energy so you can focus on today as well as your future vision, and the impact you want to make.