About Gigi Blair

My Mission is to help leaders build strong, confident and effective teams.

Typical challenges my clients face:

  • Growing complexity and lack of clarity
  • Focus management
  • Increasing personal and professional effectiveness

The end result of working with me is that my clients embrace learning and change – two of the most important skills in today’s business environment. They confidently make decisions and move forward with grace and agility.

Some people call me a coach, some call me a consultant, some a strategic partner and some their "perspective-keeper."


encompass private coaching, team or group coaching, workshops and webinars, interview preparation and image development, and conference speaking.


is relational, customized and holistic. I coach my clients to steward all of their resources, including time, choices, finances, health, creativity, and relationships.


spans the spectrum of business environments - corporate, small business and startups – coupled with graduate training plus a rigorous coach certification program. Each client benefits from proven coaching methodologies and my practical understanding of human behavior.


is grounded in my small-town upbringing, faith and service, and inspired by a love of daily learning, personal growth, order and beauty.

Learn More About Gigi Blair

I am a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and a business owner. Like you, my life is full, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love coaching and seeing clients' lives changed. I believe in my clients, their hopes and aspirations.

I consider it a deep honor for them to share the details of their lives with me.

Coaching is not about me simply giving you more information.

Everyone has enough, actually too much information. My goal is to help you achieve the outcomes you seek. I believe in the power of coaching to transform lives. If I don't think I am the right coach for you, I'll tell you.

I believe in systems.

I work to implement them in my own life and will advocate them for you. Working your plan and using the right tools at the right time are examples of systems that boost your confidence, focus and energy.

I thrive when preparing to speak before a group.

I enjoy clarifying the issues, expectations and hopes for our time together - and then constructing an agenda that engages and transforms. Creating an interconnected group dynamic adds to everyone’s learning experience.

My work is competitively priced.

I have different offerings to make coaching available to all budgets. Some words of wisdom I share with my clients: everyone wants cheap, fast, and good - you can pick two out of three. You can't have all three at once.

The Fun Stuff About Gigi Blair

Never underestimate the importance of keeping perspective.

Yoga and hiking are my favorite ways to exercise, but I relax most by getting something done.

My pet peeves are passive aggressive behaviors and simply not accomplishing things because decisions are made by default.

I love dogs, but currently don't own one. I'm highly allergic to cats so I haven't been around them and consequently am not too comfortable with them.

My favorite colors are corals, blues and greens; my decorating style is definitely eclectic, and my favorite room in my home is wherever friends or family gather and enjoy good food, stories and laughter.

My favorite way to entertain is classic Texas: steaks on the grill, portabellas for the vegetarians, twice-baked potatoes, a great salad with homemade dressing, and pie for dessert.

I love trying new recipes and creating tasty dishes in the kitchen. I enjoy sampling different cuisines and learning about cultures through cooking. I have fallen in love with iced matcha tea.

I need organized and tidy surroundings...although sometimes you'd never know that - and my mom might disagree.

I have a hard time picking favorite books or movies, but the classic Sound of Music would be on the list. I love good writing, character development, and costumes that support the story.

A guilty pleasure is High Tea, another is a day at the spa.

Alaska, Israel and Greece are on my travel bucket list.

My favorite quote is: "We only KNOW those things we actually DO. Otherwise, we just THINK it." I have no idea who said it first....

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