As your mentor and coach, I will help you explore the Five Steps to Greater Strength & Clarity. How You Live, Lead, Look™ will examine these components in your life. Once we identify your immediate needs, you can then take the steps necessary to gain peace, inspiration, and energy while focusing on your true passion.


Together, we will:
1. Define your Core Values

There is a lot of talk about Core Values, but most people have not taken the time to identify them. Taking this first step to define your core values gives you a firm foundation to launch from and to come home to. If the world’s premier sports psychologists ask their professional and elite athletes to define their core values as the first part of their work, then that’s what we will do also. After all, there is no bigger game than the one we are in…the game of LIFE!!

2. Align your Environments

Congruency is a big deal and we will ensure that all of your surroundings support how you live, lead and look. We’ll examine your life-work balance. Working from your core values and needs, we will find YOUR meaning of the word balance and incorporate specific ways to implement balance.

3. Craft Your Personal Image

Clothing is a language that speaks loudly. What are you saying about yourself by the way you dress and present yourself? Are you giving an impression that is congruent with your core values and desired legacy? I’ll help you define your personal image and determine your wardrobe needs. I’ll also help you streamline and systematize your home operations including your closet and wardrobe so that you will only shop twice a year. Yes, it’s possible to have fun AND gain free time, which translates into a simpler, richer life for you.

4. Clarify your Legacy

How do you want to be known? What do you want to be remembered for? Do you now approach each day in such a way to create that legacy? This is for everyone – not just those on the verge of retiring. Three years is now the typical length of time to be in a job and we leave a legacy every time we change.

5. Chart Your Course

Each of the above steps requires specific decisions and deliberate actions. Through each How You Live, Lead, Look™ section, you’ll make important decisions and take the actions necessary to bring about your desired changes. Our work is not complete until you take these steps.

So, are you ready? Let’s schedule your complimentary How You Live, Lead, Look™ strategy session today.