Laser-Focused Coaching:

Unlimited Calls for 12 Months

Wonder what it's like to work with a coach? Check out this opportunity.


Join Me For 1:1 Laser Coaching

Nothing replaces solid, consistent, support to move you toward your vision. Want to make 2019 different? Invest in yourself and secure an experienced partner to work for you. 

My purpose as your partner is to keep you focused, guide you, help you problem solve and move you forward. I bring experience in business and training in coaching as well as practical, holistic, and logical thinking. You bring the rest. Together we keep you moving forward. 

With my laser-focused work you receive a full year of unlimited, 15-minute coaching calls with me for a one-time fee of $997. Yes, $997 for a full 12 months - the lowest price I offer for coaching.

In our first call (30 minutes) we define your immediate objectives. On each of our subsequent calls we zero in on where you are and what you need at that time. We agree on your homework. Don't worry, I won’t go crazy giving you assignments - but I'll pull from the same material I use with my private clients who are paying much more for their coaching!

 At the end of each call I’ll send you a recording of our call, a reminder of your homework, and a link to my calendar to schedule our next call.  This program is direct and straightforward and designed to move you quickly toward your goals.

Register and you will get the following:

  • 30-minute initial call to get clear on your objectives
  • 12 months of unlimited 15-min laser-focused coaching calls
  • Consistency and accountability focused on what you want to achieve
  • Support to guide you through your decisions
  • A partner to keep you on track

Powerful coaching conversations take place in 15 minutes.

With unlimited 15-min laser-focused coaching calls, you can move through 2019 with clear objectives, plans to make them happen, and a partner to support you every step of the way.

This coaching offer is truly a win-win. As my client you have unlimited laser-focused, private coaching calls and I get to do what I love to do – coach and support you going for your vision 15 minutes at a time.

Ever heard the saying, “I’ll hold your heart in my hands and your feet to the fire?" Ready to learn what it means?

Read what my clients have to say about working with me:

"Gigi keeps me focused."


"I’ve always thought of ‘life coaching’ as a watered-down version of therapy and touchy feely chit-chat ending with ‘now go have a great life.’ I couldn’t have been more off-base. Gigi guides me to pull-back, get clear, think strategically, and then take action-action-action – all producing tangible, successful results."


"Gigi is alert and responsive to my needs at the moment while remaining grounded and pragmatic."


"Gigi provides a balanced and ideal space for growth and change, and gets results."


"The tools and exercises Gigi utilizes have been invaluable helping me identify specific changes I needed to make to realize my vision."