Time to Make Something Happen?

Sans the bonnet I’m looking a little like Martha, don’t you think?! One week before July 4th during their 125th anniversary year standing in front of […]

Keeping Time

Two weeks ago we “talked” about Making Time Count. I heard from several people that my note was timely (pardon the pun) and that the subject […]

Boring Time and Long Thoughts

I always enjoy hearing or reading about someone “older” who is learning, creating, building or doing something new. I feel inspired by their actions. In this […]

Making Time Count

It literally seems like yesterday that I was writing a New Year’s blog post and now June dawns, the 6th month and half-way marker of the […]

The Quantum Chuckle

Can bewilderment and laughter strike you in the same moment? They did for me this week as I came across this statement, which I’m sure you’ve […]