Investing In Yourself

Have you heard the phrase “Invest in Yourself” and wondered, “What does that really mean?” What does it actually look like in someone’s life when they […]

Managing Email

I’m a person who likes structure. Call it what you want – • a process • a methodology • an approach, etc.…., I like a system […]

The Art of Hospitality

My newsletter last week talked about socializing and how this is surprisingly, yet commonly, one of four items to drop off a person’s calendar. This fact […]

Time to Make Something Happen?

Sans the bonnet I’m looking a little like Martha, don’t you think?! One week before July 4th during their 125th anniversary year standing in front of […]

Keeping Time

Two weeks ago we “talked” about Making Time Count. I heard from several people that my note was timely (pardon the pun) and that the subject […]

Making Time Count

It literally seems like yesterday that I was writing a New Year’s blog post and now June dawns, the 6th month and half-way marker of the […]

One More (3rd & final for now) Post on Making Decisions

Here is one more note that will help you continue exercising your decision-making muscles. I was talking with a colleague who specializes in Human Resources, and […]

Making Decisions Part 2

When I wrote the last newsletter (Take the Trauma out of Making Decisions) I didn’t plan on writing part two. However, experiences and conversations over the […]

What is the Confident Language of Clothing?

My clients have heard me say that “clothing is a language.” A reasonable follow up question is “what does clothing say?” Let’s explore that question a […]

The Coffee, the Carrot, and the Egg

My husband serves on the board of directors for an orphanage called La Casa de mi Padre in El Salvador. As such, we receive regular updates […]