Relearn the Alphabet & Save Yourself Some Time

I recently had the privilege of touring the Air and Marine Operations Center, US Customs and Border Protection within the Department of Homeland Security. I was […]

Spring Cleaning: 5 Steps To An Organized Office

For many, spring brings a desire to clean house. Ok, forget “desire” – think necessity… Typically the first quarter of each year requires a certain culling […]

The Healthiest 30 Foods

I don’t often read Real Simple magazine – finding that the message for simpler living gets lost in the advertisements for luxury goods.  But, I respect […]

Is Your Weekly Schedule Realistic?

Earlier this week a business colleague (& friend) was telling me how she is trying “time blocking” to better manage her tasks and activities. Time blocking […]

Tips for Proper Business Etiquette (and Personal Etiquette, too!)

Sometimes I find myself wondering, “exactly what is appropriate now?” Doesn’t it seem that the rules of being social – especially in a professional setting – […]

Time for a Social Media & E-mail Privacy Review

Between Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn, social networking for many is second nature. Make protecting your privacy second nature also… The great thing about this new […]

A Lil’ Creative Exercise

In this post I want to give you a (small) fun challenge…we have 9 days left in the first month of 2016. Forget the resolutions stuff […]

Beginning Again

Welcome 2016 If you are like me you feel hopeful and excited for this New Year. What doesn’t excite me? Seeing so many blogs and articles […]

Simple and Beautiful

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving – spent in a place and with people you love. After a busy Thanksgiving week I traveled for a […]

Investing In Yourself

Have you heard the phrase “Invest in Yourself” and wondered, “What does that really mean?” What does it actually look like in someone’s life when they […]

Managing Email

I’m a person who likes structure. Call it what you want – • a process • a methodology • an approach, etc.…., I like a system […]

No More Lost Luggage

In a previous newsletter I quoted a Newsweek article about the next generation of computers called quantum computers. My work requires that I stay abreast of […]