As an executive business woman, you have lots of responsibility and a never-ending list of things to do.

You desire to make an impact - on your organization, team members, clients, and your family and make that impact without losing yourself.

You've hit a wall in the workplace as the demands for your time and attention never cease.


….. You feel stuck.

This is where I come in. 

Hi, I'm Gigi, an Executive Coach for Women Business Leaders and I'm ready to help.  Do you see yourself here?

Your work life …

  • You’re spending most of your time fighting fires in the workplace, leaving little time to make progress on anything of deeper value
  • Your colleagues/bosses have an intensity and style that is off-putting at a minimum and counter-productive at best
  • You know you could create and lead a better team but the internal systems aren’t supporting you.

Your position in the workplace...

  • You recently moved up in leadership and feel more exhausted than ever. How can you level out and still make the impact you want to?
  • You want to change careers or move up in the company, but how?
  • You were recently laid off, let go or fired, now what?

Your home life…

  • You’re getting far less sleep than you want and what you do get is not restful
  • Your calendar is a rainbow of colored events that leave little room for you to stop and breathe
  • You want to silence the email notifications on your phone but you can’t seem to flip the switch because “something important might fall through the cracks,” again.
  • You’ve pinned vacation photos on Pinterest for 2 years but never got around to booking the trip
  • Your brain is often still at work even when your body is at home

Uncertainty has become your new normal...

  • You struggle to make decisions on the small things and really want to get to the bigger things
  • You want some space between the stress of your workplace and the threshold of your doorway at home

You want to strategize your goals with a coach that understands you, not just a friend, your spouse, or a relative. You want to go deeper and have someone consistently support you and hold you accountable.


Imagine If You Could...

Manage your emotions in the moment

Flip the switch from  frantic to focused

Think clearly and communicate confidently 

 Trust your ability to handle any issue thrown your way

As your mentor and coach, I will help you explore exactly what's involved in thinking clearly and communicating confidently, regardless of what is being thrown at you. Using neuroscience, evidence-based coaching, and specific tools we will identify and address your immediate needs, then continuing taking the necessary steps for you to gain peace, inspiration, and energy while focusing on your true passion. 

It is possible to break out of this frustrating and isolating cycle of feeling overwhelmed and "I'm stuck." Interested in knowing more? Let's talk.