Interview Preparation Coaching

Interviewing for a new job can be a nerve-wracking experience.

Many people feel intense pressure and anxiety prior to an interview, and arrive for the moment with sweaty palms, a dry mouth and a racing heart – none of which serve you (or the interviewer) well.

Nothing replaces logical, systematic, and comprehensive preparation for feeling confident and putting your best self forward.

I'm ready to help you do exactly that so that YOU are ready to interview. I will expertly guide you through my proven process, so you can stop worrying about how to prepare and focus only on your data and your story that you need to sell.

I have a proven 8-step process for interview preparation.

If you commit five hours of your time to working with me, you will learn my 8-step process for interview prep. You will then be able to repeat this process at any time in the future.

Register to work with me and you will learn to:

  • See your history and your story with fresh eyes
  • Communicate who you are and what you bring to the table
  • Open and close your interview for maximum impact
  • Answer the tough questions
  • Employ a proven and repeatable process for preparing for any interview in your future.

The Rules of Interviewing Have Changed

More than ever it is imperative that you know yourself, your story and how you can contribute to an organization. Speaking your story with conviction and confidence takes strength of character and clarity of mind.

Learning to be present in the moment, regardless of what your nerves are doing takes preparation and practice.

Today’s business environment has lots of uncertainty and a tap on the shoulder can come at any time. 

This isn’t always a negative – some are tapped with “come talk to us” or “we are considering you for a promotion,” and while others unfortunately hear “we are reorganizing, and your position is being eliminated.” The end result is the same so don’t be caught off-guard!

Whether you are satisfied in your current position or thinking about making a change, there is nothing like preparing for interviews to help you take your game up a notch.

Clients who have gone through my interview preparation process report that an unexpected outcome was how much more confident they felt in their existing role. Who can’t benefit from that?!

Clearly, many factors go into the selection of the final candidate, but one thing is for sure, if you don’t interview well your chances of being selected drastically diminish. So, if you want to learn to speak about your work history – the good and the challenging, your strengths and your “areas of weakness,” then register to work with me today.

I offer two different options for interview preparation depending on your unique needs.

Individual Interview Preparation

Perfect for when you don't have an interview pending but want to be proactive and prepare. Maybe you are thinking "I want to start looking around," or you are feeling uncertain in your current role and are unsure what the future with your current job holds.

Join a small group of people and learn how to prepare. You will receive detailed worksheets and tools to answer the questions on your own. Then, you and I will schedule a call, work through your answers and role play your interview.

Small Group Interview Preparation

Perfect for when your need is more urgent, or you simply prefer to work 1:1 in a private capacity. Our calls and schedule are driven by your needs.

Maybe you've been contacted by a recruiter and requested to interview for a new opportunity. The recruiter's call has taken you by surprise and it's been a while since you've interviewed.  Even though you weren't thinking of entering the job market, putting your best foot forward is important. The same is true even if the company you work for has asked you to apply for any role.

What My Clients Are Saying:

"Preparing for a final round of interviews for an executive position can be daunting.  There are several parts to the process and each piece is critical. Gigi’s thorough and structured approach was just what I needed – from developing responses to potential questions, to preparing a written document and helping me formulate my questions for the company.  I went into the interview calm, confident and fully prepared." - Patricia, Washington D.C.


"I've always thought of 'life coaching' as a watered-down version of therapy and touchy feely chit-chat ending with 'now go have a great life.' I couldn't have been more off-base. Focusing on both my business and personal activities, Gigi guides me to pull-back, get clear, think strategically, and then to take action-action-action - all producing tangible results. And that is success." - R. Jordan, Author and Speaker, Nashville, TN


"Gigi listened deeply and validated my feelings and frustrations before posing simple and powerful questions that led me out of my inner chaos and into clarity. Her approach is alert and responsive to the needs of the moment while remaining grounded and pragmatic. She provides a balanced and ideal space for growth and change, and it gets results." – Marilyn, Alexandria, VA


"The tools and exercises Gigi utilizes have been invaluable helping me identify specific changes I needed to make to realize my vision. Gigi kept me focused on sustaining these changes and six months later, I am thrilled with our progress. What’s surprising is how painless and effortless it has seemed to move to this new place of “relaxed productivity”. If something is stopping you from reaching your biggest vision, call Gigi. You won’t be disappointed." - Barb, Ontario, Canada


"I wanted to let you know how much your coaching helped in my self-discovery and recognition of my contributions and potential. I have seized the opportunity to refresh my career and seem to have new energy! I am learning every day that to improve relationships both personal and professional, I must not be afraid of “not knowing.” Your approach of acceptance, understanding, compassion and authenticity made all the difference. Thank you is not enough." - Peggy S., Pittsburgh, PA