Known among friends and colleagues as an inspiring yet calming presence, Gigi developed her even temperament and deep appreciation for the simpler aspects of life in Texas, where she was born and raised.

Now a Certified Coach, Gigi excels in developing people, typically working with high performing individuals and those that want more out of life. She has an innate ability to help clients develop their professional presence and she approaches her coaching work just as she approaches life…with a love of learning, commitment, and boundless optimism. She loves to share her passion about How You live, Lead, Look™ and  provides real solutions that absolutely change lives.

Gigi counts two professional experiences as particularly significant…she spent several years in healthcare management at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and her time there was life changing. The opportunity to see the human spirit triumph over adversity day after day has been one of the greatest influences of her life. Next, while working as a management consultant and helping companies prepare for large-scale business solution implementations, Gigi saw first hand the challenges people experience with designing and implementing changes in their personal and business lives and her call to coaching was solidified.

Gigi has a Bachelor’s from Baylor University and a Master’s from Southern Methodist University. She spent a year as a Fellow with the CS Lewis Institute in Washington, DC.   She counts cooking, entertaining, hiking, and “the language of clothing” as hobbies. Gigi is married to Patrick Tarleton and they reside in Alexandria, VA.