The Coffee, the Carrot, and the Egg

My husband serves on the board of directors for an orphanage called La Casa de mi Padre in El Salvador. As such, we receive regular updates […]

The 9 Most Overlooked Threats to a Marriage

We often hear that communication is the root of all marital problems. However, Dr. Kelly Flanagan offers some great insight into the 9 Most Overlooked Threats […]

Talk to Strangers?

I was on an airplane recently and was struck by the way the person seated next to me initiated conversation. His comments were lighthearted – mainly […]

Encourage a Child

As the daughter of an elementary school principal I’m always in tune with the beginning of a new school year. Even without my own children – […]

Make Good Decisions with Ease

The arrival of summer means that 2013 is half over.  It is the perfect time to reconnect with what you wanted to accomplish this year and […]

Looking for Change in all the Wrong Places

In the movie Urban Cowboy there was a country and western song titled “Looking for Love” and the rest of the line said “in all the […]