Boring Time and Long Thoughts

I always enjoy hearing or reading about someone “older” who is learning, creating, building or doing something new. I feel inspired by their actions. In this […]

Making Time Count

It literally seems like yesterday that I was writing a New Year’s blog post and now June dawns, the 6th month and half-way marker of the […]

The Quantum Chuckle

Can bewilderment and laughter strike you in the same moment? They did for me this week as I came across this statement, which I’m sure you’ve […]

One More (3rd & final for now) Post on Making Decisions

Here is one more note that will help you continue exercising your decision-making muscles. I was talking with a colleague who specializes in Human Resources, and […]

Making Decisions Part 2

When I wrote the last newsletter (Take the Trauma out of Making Decisions) I didn’t plan on writing part two. However, experiences and conversations over the […]

Take the Trauma (& Drama!) out of Big Decisions

This week I want to give you a simple, no-tech, no-cost approach to use when you have a decision to make. For most of us there […]

Thank YOU!

 This week’s newsletter is simply a note of thanks… I am so grateful to you for welcoming me into your inbox. You have let me know […]

Ease the Pain of Packing

Many great things arrive with spring and one of the best is Spring Break travel. How fun it can be to visit a new place or […]

The Wireless at Downton

I know there are many disappointed fans with the recent announcement that next season will be the final one for Downton Abbey. I’ve moved from “don’t […]

How the Academy Awards Changed my Life

And I’m talking about the Academy Awards a year ago – 2014. I rarely watch them and for some reason (it was meant to be) tuned […]

Let the New Year Begin

A simple reason people can get discouraged from moving forward with their hopes and changes for a new year is that the previous year still must […]

What is the Confident Language of Clothing?

My clients have heard me say that “clothing is a language.” A reasonable follow up question is “what does clothing say?” Let’s explore that question a […]