Fall Fashion to Love

Many girls will tell you that one of her favorite things about Fall are the clothes.  The turn of the season is a standard time to […]

No More Lost Luggage

In a previous newsletter I quoted a Newsweek article about the next generation of computers called quantum computers. My work requires that I stay abreast of […]

Part Two of #4 of the “Neglected Four”

One thing that fascinates me about human behavior is why we do those things we “know we shouldn’t” and don’t do those things we “know we […]


I’ve seen a lot on social media about the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Seems many of you consider this more of a […]

#4 of “The Neglected Four”

So here we are at the end of our series called “The neglected four.” I don’t think you’ll be too surprised at #4…. Remember the first […]

#3 of “The Neglected Four”

My last two newsletters featured socializing and reading as two of the items on the list of “The Neglected Four” – things that commonly fall off […]

Here’s to Reading

Today’s guest blog post will help us in our journey to remove reading from “The Neglected Four”. It comes to us from Deb Rankin, aka “The […]

#2 of “The Neglected Four”

Do you remember the last book you read? The one whose characters became your friends (or your enemies!) and made you think about a way of […]

The Art of Hospitality

My newsletter last week talked about socializing and how this is surprisingly, yet commonly, one of four items to drop off a person’s calendar. This fact […]

#1 of “The Neglected Four”

I have been so inspired to hear from my readers about actions they are taking as a result of my newsletters. You know we’ve been “talking” […]

Time to Make Something Happen?

Sans the bonnet I’m looking a little like Martha, don’t you think?! One week before July 4th during their 125th anniversary year standing in front of […]

Keeping Time

Two weeks ago we “talked” about Making Time Count. I heard from several people that my note was timely (pardon the pun) and that the subject […]