Bugs, Windshields and Strong Shoulders – Maintaining Perspective

The air in central Texas is filled with Plecia Nearctica. Say what? Ever heard of a “lovebug?” The one I’m talking about is the furthest thing from […]

Have You Hit a Ceiling of Complexity?

Last week’s tip focused on embracing a love of learning in adult life. Let’s briefly continue that thought. I remember hearing a friend and successful lawyer / dad […]

Do You Have a Love For Learning?

I recently had the joy of visiting with a 9-year-old boy, Rolando. He loves to talk. To say that he is engaging is an understatement. He […]

How Do You Demonstrate Kindness?

I recently had the chance to spend some time in a place where no one wants to spend time…the hospital. I was not the patient but […]

Finding Clarity After An Eclipse

Like many, many others I watched the 2017 total solar eclipse and I was affected much more than I thought I would be. I was initially […]

Finding Encouragement in the Fear

In my last post I wrote about the little guy who got spooked by the scratch of a Velcro strap, and thinking he had been bitten […]

What’s Fear Got to Do With It?

We are ALL prone to a fear jumping on us, taking root and spinning our thinking out of control. We don’t take the time to stop […]

Three Critical Healthcare Documents You Need

Healthcare is a much talked about topic these days, and certainly one that feels burdensome. Sometimes I really want to play ostrich and conversations about healthcare […]

Lessons from a Ninja

I spent time with my some of my most favorite people this week. They are people that inspire me beyond words, make me hurt from laughter, […]

Annual Spiritual Checkup

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. […]

Life Lessons from the T-Ball Field

I recently had the chance to visit a T-Ball field and watch some little ones play. What a treat. As one friend who has raised 4 […]

Relearn the Alphabet & Save Yourself Some Time

I recently had the privilege of touring the Air and Marine Operations Center, US Customs and Border Protection within the Department of Homeland Security. I was […]