Lessons From The Olympics

For this week I absolutely have to write something about the Olympics, right? In particular, two Olympic athletes from Canada, Tess and Scott, the gold medal […]

How Are Your Finances Part 3

We come to the final installment of our three-part series where we have been talking about getting (& hopefully keeping!) your finances in shape. There are […]

How Are Your Finances Part 2

We are continuing this week to look at specific actions one can take to organize their finances. These are the steps one couple took to pay […]

How Are Your Finances?

Having a solid financial footing is basic to confident and skillful living. If your finances are in disarray you will be unable to fully focus on […]

2018 Workplace Forecast

I subscribe to a weekly e-zine called The Herman Trend Alert. It is a quick read of trends and developments across various industries. At the close of […]

Stress-Free Travel in 2018

This is a quick note to say hello and Happy New Year! I hope you (as I am!) are excited to start another year. If you’re […]

Hook Your Gratitude to Everyday Life

Over recent years “the need for” and “how to” cultivate gratitude has blossomed into a full-fledged industry. A week ago, a friend who is just beginning […]

Reflecting on Your Response to Failure

Some time ago I wrote a post titled “Lessons from the T-Ball Field” and my readers loved it. For this post, let’s journey to the other […]

Are You Growing In Your Ability to Communicate Effectively?

Recently, my weekly tips focused on some aspect of building and keeping a love of learning. We have considered the advantages of “learning to love” failure […]

Learning to Take a Tech Break

I spent the last few days away in the mountains. I say “away” because while the destination was only a 4.5-hour drive, we were without cell […]

Learning to Love Your Boundaries

We continue our discussion on “loving learning” with a brief dip into a topic I have been thinking a lot about recently and see a need […]

Seeing Failure Through a New Lens

On a recent flight my seat partner and I actually visited. Seems that doesn’t happen much anymore, thanks to screens or ear buds. I really enjoy […]