Technology, smart phones and addcition

Smartphones and Addiction

In my last blog post I wrote about being struck by a recent article I’d read entitled: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs raised their kids tech-free — and […]
Take a Break From Your Smart Phone

Smart Phones and Confidence

I’ve written before about the challenges and advantages of disconnecting from technology, particularly our smart phones. I’ve recently read some articles that have hung with me […]
Summer Travel Tips

Summer Travel Prep

We are approaching Memorial Day weekend and the official start of the summer travel season. Due to rising oil prices, which affect gas-at-the-pump-prices, summer 2018 is […]

Guaranteed to Increase Your Stress!

I’ll bring my mini-series on stress to a close with a final post that I’m calling: “The Sure-fire, Never-fail, 100 % Guaranteed Way to Bring More […]

More on Stress

Have you thought more about the positive stress in your life? One person wrote to say that “all of my stress is negative” and that she […]
Reduce Your Stress through Breathe

One Way to Prevent Negative Stress

Last week’s tip talked about stress and the positive side of stress. Yes, there really is one. I received responses from a number of you (always appreciate […]
consider your positive stress

Consider Your Positive Stress

Stress. What a word, huh? Everyone in my world has met stress, knows her well, and would probably say they’d like to spend less time with […]
Directed Thinking - One on One Coaching

Distracted vs. Directed Thinking

I recently visited with a former colleague who worked in executive positions for technology companies. Our conversation covered a wide range of topics but at one […]

Tips for Spring Cleaning

For many, spring brings a desire to literally and figuratively clean house. Some clients have recently talked about being “stuck” to deal with their more strategic […]

Finding Encouragement in Fear

For my tip this week I’m addressing a topic I’ve covered before: fear. Fear plays a large role in our lives and can prevent us from […]

Tip for Dealing With RoboCalls

At the top of many people’s “annoying” lists sits robocalls. Stealing our time, attention, privacy, and money, robocalls are the No. 1 source of consumer complaints to the […]

Cleaning Up Your Mail

Consumer advocate and Washington Post columnist Elisabeth Leamy recently published a comprehensive article on how to stop the flow of unwanted marketing and junk mail that […]