Smartphones and Addiction

In my last blog post I wrote about being struck by a recent article I’d read entitled: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs raised their kids tech-free — and […]

Smart Phones and Confidence

I’ve written before about the challenges and advantages of disconnecting from technology, particularly our smart phones. I’ve recently read some articles that have hung with me […]

Summer Travel Prep

We are approaching Memorial Day weekend and the official start of the summer travel season. Due to rising oil prices, which affect gas-at-the-pump-prices, summer 2018 is […]

Guaranteed to Increase Your Stress!

I’ll bring my mini-series on stress to a close with a final post that I’m calling: “The Sure-fire, Never-fail, 100 % Guaranteed Way to Bring More […]

More on Stress

Have you thought more about the positive stress in your life? One person wrote to say that “all of my stress is negative” and that she […]

One Way to Prevent Negative Stress

Last week’s tip talked about stress and the positive side of stress. Yes, there really is one. I received responses from a number of you (always appreciate […]

Consider Your Positive Stress

Stress. What a word, huh? Everyone in my world has met stress, knows her well, and would probably say they’d like to spend less time with […]

Distracted vs. Directed Thinking

I recently visited with a former colleague who worked in executive positions for technology companies. Our conversation covered a wide range of topics but at one […]

Tips for Spring Cleaning

For many, spring brings a desire to literally and figuratively clean house. Some clients have recently talked about being “stuck” to deal with their more strategic […]

Finding Encouragement in Fear

For my tip this week I’m addressing a topic I’ve covered before: fear. Fear plays a large role in our lives and can prevent us from […]

Tip for Dealing With RoboCalls

At the top of many people’s “annoying” lists sits robocalls. Stealing our time, attention, privacy, and money, robocalls are the No. 1 source of consumer complaints to the […]

Cleaning Up Your Mail

Consumer advocate and Washington Post columnist Elisabeth Leamy recently published a comprehensive article on how to stop the flow of unwanted marketing and junk mail that […]